Jura: The Book

ImageI assume that if you’re following Inside Rioja, you’re a wine lover.  With that in mind, I’d like to let you in on a new project undertaken by my friend, fellow wine blogger and wine educator par excellence Wink Lorch.  Wink divides her time between London and the Jura region of southeastern France, where she owns a house.  The Jura is known for its fantastic wines, but is little known outside France, except of course for Wink’s heroic efforts to promote it through her blog jurawine.co.uk

Wink is planning to write a book about the region, its wines and its people.  No one is more capable than her to do the job, but she needs the help of the wine lovers’ community to get the job done.

She has decided to solicit the help of friends and fellow wine lovers for a crowd funding project on Kickstarter.  As I write, she’s a little over halfway toward receiving enough pledges to make the project a reality.  For further information, follow this link: 


Thanks for your support of this exciting project!