Speed dating with wine and tapas at Bodegas Franco-Españolas

The other day an e-newsletter from a Rioja winery – Bodegas Franco-Españolas – landed in my inbox. I was surprised because given the popularity of Facebook and other social media, most winery news nowadays is transmitted to ‘friends’ or ‘likes’. That’s a shame because believe it or not, lots of people I know don’t want to have anything to do with social media because they’re afraid that their personal information will be shared beyond their circle of friends. In any case, this one-page newsletter had just the right amount of information: a brief report about the 2011 harvest in Rioja, an invitation to participate in a Valentine’s Day speed dating/wine and tapas tasting in the winery on February 11 and a description of three of the winery’s reserva wines: Rioja Bordón, Barón de Anglade and Bárbaro.

The speed dating event really caught my attention. The concept is great – no pressure like in a normal ‘date’ (as if I remember what THAT was like!) Each person talks for seven minutes with different members of the opposite sex and at the end of the event there’s a big mixer where you can spend more time with the people you got along with at the first meeting. Here, the meetings are punctuated with stops at stands for wine and tapas, so after a while the conversation really starts to flow.

I think this is a little like musical chairs, where someone inevitably ends up alone, but it’s designed for young adults, so who cares what an old fart like me thinks.

Next week I’ll write about the wines in the newsletter. It was a coincidence that we had both Rioja Bordón and Bárbaro with lunch last Sunday.