John Radford weighs in on Rioja in 2011

 I’ve said before on these pages that the two wine writers with the most comprehensive knowledge of Rioja are the Englishman John Radford and the American Gerry Dawes.  I’m waiting to do an interview with the elusive Gerry (he was sighted in Galicia, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Barcelona a couple of weeks ago) but his wine brokerage business is logically top of mind these days.

 Don’t worry, Geraldo, I forgive you.

Meanwhile, John has just completed a comprehensive tasting tour of Rioja to follow up on his book The Wines of Rioja, published in 2004.  The hardcover edition of the book, published by Mitchell Beazley, is out of print but JR has just informed me that a Kindle version has been produced, available from Amazon.

John suggests buying both the e-book and the 2011 follow-up, written after his recent tour, where he tastes 500 wines, rating 64 of them 19 points or more out of 20, and visits a number of new bodegas that either didn’t exist or he had no time to visit the last time around.

If you want to get John’s take on what’s happening in Rioja, don’t forget to pick up both the book and the 2011 postscript.

The URL for the books at Amazon UKis

 In the USA it’s

Prices are £10,99 and £5,75 at the UK site and $19,81 and $11,50 at the US site.




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