Bodegas Lan D-12 First Edition 2007

Bodegas Lan is one of my favorite Rioja wineries, so I was naturally curious the other day when I saw a bottle of ‘LAN D-12’ in a tapas bar in Logroño.

I ordered a glass and liked it, but wanted to find out more about the product. After all, ‘D-12’ reminded me more of airplanes (B-52 and F-111) and models of Citroën (DS, C-5) than a wine brand. What were these guys up to?

The back label told me that it was created as a “winemakers’ reserve”.  Traditionally, Lan’s winemakers would leave the best wines from a vintage in tank (depósito in Spanish, hence D) 12. It was unfiltered.  The back label warned me that there might be some sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

‘That’s interesting’, I thought, ‘but how had the winery positioned this brand?’  So I turned to Amaya Cebrián, Lan’s communication director.

Amaya explained that the winery had identified a niche for a modern Rioja for discerning consumers looking for something special, but not necessarily a reserva, when moving beyond the crianza level.

I liked that idea because I feel that in an overcrowded marketplace, wine brands need to create and communicate a USP or unique selling proposition. D-12 had it.

It seemed to perfectly complement the rest of the range:  the attractively priced crianza, reserva and gran reserva on one hand and the higher priced single vineyard range of Edición Limitada, Viña Lanciano and Culmen.

My wife, son and I shared a bottle at our summer house during the long Constitution Day puente last week.  We all liked it a lot with the spicy seafood pasta that our son made.

My tasting notes:

Black cherry, almost purple.  Intense fresh red and black berry fruit on top of a layer of new oak.  Fruit, ripe tannins and good acidity on the palate.  I thought that the wine would drink better in a few months when the tannins, fruit and acidity knit together a little more.   But it’s very tasty right now.


3 thoughts on “Bodegas Lan D-12 First Edition 2007

  1. I agree with your tasting notes, there was a nice balance between fruit and oak -althoug I did miss a bit more sweetness as we’ve enjoyed in other new style Riojas-. Anyway, it was great with the spicy Spaghetti Mare. Any info on the price?? 😉

  2. Hi Tom,

    I really enjoy your blog. I came across your blog because I did an internet search on “Lan D-12”. I wish I had found your blog a long time ago! I’m an American but my parents are from Spain. I believe that here in Miami, I buy the 2008 D-12 for about $22. Thanks for all the great info you provide.


    Frank Castro Primoy

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