Gary Vee talks to María J

I’m a big fan of López de Heredia Riojas and an even bigger fan of the winery’s managing director/spokesperson María José López de Heredia.  As you know, María José has made traditional Riojas her family’s cause celèbre, speaking passionately about them to distributors, consumers and journalists around the world. Last week she appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV.  It was love at first sight.

At first it seemed incongruous to have one of the wine world’s most conservative, traditional producers on what is arguably the wine world’s most progressive, hip shows, but after the interview started, I realized that María José and Gary enjoyed every minute of the interview and it gave the winery more PR mileage than a 95 by Robert Parker.

In a crowded place like the wine business it’s essential to tell a good story.  You need one to get past the biggest gatekeepers in our industry, the distributors, and once past the gate, so to speak, you need a good story to put the wine on retailers’ shelves, on restaurant wine lists, to get consumers to buy the first bottle and then, the all-important repeat business.

I don’t know anyone in the business who tells a winery story better than María José.

If you can spare 45 minutes, watch these two episodes of Wine Library TV.  You, like Gary’s 800,000 daily followers, will learn a lot about Rioja, López de Heredia and one family’s 140-year passion for its wines.


One thought on “Gary Vee talks to María J

  1. Great write up on López de Heredia Riojas and Gary here! You’re so right… this was like Old World meets New World in many ways, and yet the two clearly enjoyed each others company 🙂

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