Burn, baby, burn

Happy 2010 to you, loyal fans of Inside Rioja!  I guess that we celebrate New Year’s like everyone everywhere by eating and drinking far too much but we have a tradition in our family that I want to share with you, hence the title of this post.  Every New Year’s Eve, just before dinner, each of us dons a piece of red clothing.  When we sit down to eat, we write all the things we want to forget about the past year on one piece of paper and our New Year’s resolutions on another.  We keep the resolutions in our billfolds all year and read them again on the following New Year’s Eve.  That’s always good for a laugh or two!

After eating our twelve grapes at each stroke of midnight from the clock tower on the Madrid City Hall, hugging, kissing and toasting with cava, we all go outside to the terrace of our apartment where we watch the neighbors shoot off fireworks from one apartment building to another and listen to the fire trucks roaring up and doen the street. Then we burn our piece of red clothing and our ‘things to forget’ list from the past year.

Since our son’s birthday falls on December 31, he always invites his friends over for a glass or two of cava before his sister and he go out dancing.  This year, John is in Adelaide, Australia finishing a Master’s in marketing, but his friends came over anyway and we toasted to the picture of him that we had put at his place on the dining room table.  Toñica and I always laugh when we look at the pictures from past New Year’s Eves at how much those kids have grown, while we always look the same!


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