La Rioja- the land named after wine: a road movie

día de La RiojaThe tourist board of the government of La Rioja has just launched its latest PR campaign – a 30 minute documentary about La Rioja in the form of a road movie starring one of Spain’s most popular  movie directors – Fernando Colomo and an up-and-coming actor, Diego Martín.

The documentary takes Colomo and Martín to a lot of the places we’ll eventually talk about here:  the Dinastía Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture, a spectacular new winery –  Bodegas Darien, a wineskin maker’s shop, medieval grape pressing, wine therapy tratments, a hot air balloon ride, a 15th century wine cellar, the cathedral at Santo Domingo de la Calzada, the monastery at San Millán de la Cogolla, the church of Santa María la Real in Nájera, the stilt runners’ dance in Anguiano, walking the pilgrims’ route, having tapas on the calle Laurel, a walk through the mountains and finally, a visit to the dinosaur theme park in Enciso where you can see real dinosaur footprints (no kidding!).

Even if you can’t understand a word of Spanish, pour yourself a glass of Rioja and enjoy the 30 minute film.

Please note that since the Rioja region lies in three of the autonomous states of Spain – La Rioja, Álava and Navarra, the film doesn’t cover the last two states, but gives you a really good look at Riojan geography.

To see the film, click on the following link:

Now I hope you’ll appreciate why I love this place so much!

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