Tapas Fantásticas – join Rioja for a tapas crawl in the UK!

If you ask  Riojans what their favorite leisure activity is, chances are they’ll say “going for a stroll and having some tapas”.  I wholeheartedly agree.  A tapas crawl is exercise, a meal, enjoying several glasses of wine and the chance to meet friends all rolled into one.  The only downside is that Spain is the only country, as far as I know, where you can do it .  Well, unless you’re in London on June 27 and 28, or in Manchester on July 25 and 26, because the Rioja Regulatory Council is organizing two tapas crawls in the UK!

Following the success of ‘Tapas Fantásticas’ in London in 2008, Rioja is once again taking wineries and tapas bars to the UK to show consumers how much fun a tapas crawl is, and at the same time offer Rioja seminars by UK RiojaTapas Fantásticas_edit ambassadors Olly Smith and Susy Atkins.

A number of Rioja wineries have partnered with their UK distributors to pour, and London’s and Manchester’s best tapas bars will serve tapas and Rioja by the glass.  An added attraction will be the participation of  three northern Spanish tapas bars at the London event.

Tapas Fantásticas London will take place in the Brick Lane Yard, while in Manchester, the venue will be Albert Square.

For 2 pounds, visitors will be given a tasting glass and six tokens to sample wines.  Tapas and Rioja by the glass will be available for purchase.

If you haven’t ever been on a tapas crawl in Rioja, this is your chance to try the next best thing and as an added attraction, learn about Rioja from two of the UK’s most knowledgeable experts.  ¡Salud!

For further information, visit the Rioja UK website on http://www.winesfromrioja.co.uk/tapasfantasticas.html


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