Want to learn about Rioja? You’ve come to the right place!

TomHi!  My name is Tom Perry.  I’ve worked in the Spanish wine business for 35 years, 25 of which have been in Rioja as the export director for Bodegas & Bebidas and El Coto de Rioja, the managing director of Bodegas & Bebidas USA and for the last 14 years as managing director of the Rioja Wine Exporters Association. The association’s most important job was coordinating international PR for Rioja wines until 2006 when the Rioja Regulatory Council assumed responsibility.

In October 2008 I was offered early retirement and decided to go into business for myself as a strategic and tactical marketing consultant, lecturer in wine education programs in Spain and speaker on the drinks seminar circuit around the world.

Since life isn’t only about work, I’ve decided to have some fun writing  this blog to share my experiences in the Spanish wine trade, interview winemakers and other movers and shakers in Rioja, talk about the region, wines and restaurants I’ve enjoyed and show you places and things you might like to see when you visit Rioja.  And I say ‘when’, not ‘if’!

Please join the discussion!



4 thoughts on “Want to learn about Rioja? You’ve come to the right place!


    Abrazos y Besos!!!!! Lolina ‘n Joe

    We’ll be phoning you guys one of these days…

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